The Book


I’m creating an art book with a series of human Kintsukuroi photographs; surreal, evocative portraiture of subjects with compelling markings and stories. Each image will be a vignette unto itself, inspired by the symbols, archetypes and myths to which the subject feels a particular connection.


I’m blessed beyond measure to have Nina Pak, one of the most gifted photographers in the contemporary art world, aboard for the project and ready to do on location photo shoots!

Nina has over 30 years experience as a professional photographer, wardrobe/hair stylist, and set designer. She has published eleven photography books, numerous magazine and novel covers, editorial spreads and anthology contributions. An expert in Photoshop, Nina is known for her “soul portraits,” capturing a deep and meaningful part of her clients’ inner self. She loves to create fantasy imagery using costumes, accessories and props, building sets or adding backgrounds post production.

“Our lifetimes are one long journey to discover who we are and what we are capable of. Hopefully we learn soon enough to do something good for the world, and to manifest beauty through our art.”

~Nina Pak

Just a tiny sample of her lush, dreamlike visions:

Nina Collage2


Before embarking on a career change from the publishing industry to depth psychology, my first true passion was writing. I plan to personally interview and talk at length with our models in order to best represent them in the written biographies accompanying their photographs. Using their own words and ideas, we will co-create a story that encapsulates their unique journey.



  • A written foreword covering Kintsukuroi’s meaning, and mythological/psychospiritual implications, plus a brief comparative cross-cultural account of the rituals, history, narratives and perspectives surrounding altered physical appearance.
  • A series of full color surreal tableaux: artfully produced photographs of diverse models with compelling physical markings and stories, and a brief biography for each.

I haven’t had my own photo shoot yet, but I did a trial makeup run at home by myself as part of our collaborative planning. I only took a couple poor quality cell phone snapshots as examples.  To give you smallest example of her prowess (not a book excerpt), I sent Nina a low resolution, inadequately sized cellphone photo with no edit suggestions…and shortly after, I received an edit:


Note the thematic representation; how cracks give way to shimmering gold, as if they were a numinous metaphorical hologram of an inner process. The piercing eyes project the fire of an empowered spirit within the body. If she can turn a poor quality selfie into an image that simultaneously communicates and mystifies…imagine what she will do with professional photo shoots!



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